Mobdro App Alternatives | Best Similar Apps Like Mobdro 2017

By | May 18, 2017

Apps Like Showbox: Mobdro App is an amazing App that allows us to stream movies, videos and TV series for free. It is a mobile based application that is developed on Android platform. There are many features provided by Mobdro App which will let us download and stream any video from around the world. Unfortunately, the IOS user can’t get this App on their iPhone or iPad mobiles. Check Mobdro App Alternatives below.

As it is not yet developed for iOS platform, this user can’t download or install Mobdro App. So we have got some better alternatives of Mobdro App for iOS devices, which will give the same interface. Find the best alternative from the below given one and download it to your iOS device.

Well very much we like Mobdro app makes us feel of what would happen if the app shuts down anytime so, we are going to list out some excellent alternatives for Mobdro streaming service for you guys.

Mobdro App Alternatives & Features:

It is a very famous application for streaming and watching movies, videos, music, TV shows, sports and much more. It has come with very interesting features.

  • It helps you in streaming movies, videos, and music
  • It is a very friendly App which is very easy to use
  • You can download movies and videos in HD quality
  • You can also share the video sharing option will be present
  • Here you can download any kind of video and store in your device
  • It allows you to stream movies in different genres
  • Sleep timer is also available in this app
  • You can even take screenshots while watching movies

Mobdro App Alternative – iPhone/iPad IOS  device:

There are very few Apps that can be selected as a best Mobdro App Alternatives. These alternative apps will give the same features and tools that this app provides.

  1. Showbox App:

This is first alternative App for Mobdro, also most famous among the entire Apps found in iOS market. It let you stream videos, movies, TV series and cartoon series for free. The entire option here found will be free and can be easily understood. Also, download the desired video on one side and then stream a one at the same time.

  1. MovieBox App:

MovieBox App is an amazing entertainment App that is found in iOS platform for free. This App allows you to download and stream the video, movie and TV series full-length videos. Every video provided here by the App are few to stream and also to download. A better alternative for Mobdro is movie box App which also let you stream the video in HS quality. Make sure to get the best App that suits your device.

  1. Livestream App:

Here comes the best alternative for Mobdro App, which is little different from above shown one. This App has an extra feature which will let you stream the video in living. Any event or TV series telecasting in Life can be streamed directly to your device. Also, you can download the live videos by selecting the download option. Give a feedback by replying when the live event ends.

This is few best alternatives App for Mobdro for IOS. Make sure to select any best App for your IOS device until the developed version of Mobdro comes for IOS devices.

Mobdro App Alternatives | Best Similar Apps Like Mobdro 2017
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