Google support page goes live to announce its multistep smart home routine

Google support page goes live to announce its multistep smart home routine

Google always plans to steal the attention from major competitors it may be through voice or ears, playing an important role in the world of smart home, with new technics of voice control products. It’s not just the Amazon Alexa with its Echo line but also Microsoft, Apple and other players in the market have its own system. Initially, Google used to follow the footsteps of Amazon, now Google has announced the multistep smart home routine. These allow performing several activities on a single voice command to initiate multiple actions such as adjust the light, change the temperature on thermostats, weather, etc.

More information about the launch of routines was been shared by Google last month in the US. Google went live today to support the page, as well unveiled about its six routines that will be launched in the beginning. Meanwhile, to access routine, select the setting option in the Google Home or Google Assistant app, where the options will be mentioned under Home Control, Music, and shortcut.

Right now only the “Good Morning” routine has been live, as spotted by Android Police, rest all will be enabled very soon. For the first available routine” Good Morning”, that will assist to turn on the lights, in case it’s an Android phone turn on the phone from the silent mode, the news, today’s weather condition, calendar, play music, podcasts, radio, audiobook, check your commute, adjust the phone volume, reminders, and shares with you about the traffic.

As discussed above, Google will be starting up with its six routines initially, Good morning, Bedtime, Leaving Home, commuting to Work, I’m Home and Commuting Home. Commuting routines are the ones you’ll get to stylize, this can be accessed from your phone at present. It seems all these commands will be available in the coming days.

However, certain options will be available for certain phrases, so multiple users in the household can set their own routines in a customizable manner. Routines are not available in some smart homes integration, even though if the lights are turned on and off and thermostats, other activities won’t work right now.

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