Female workers at Microsoft are sexually harassed by their male managers, a worker filled a lawsuit

Female workers at Microsoft are sexually harassed by their male managers, a worker filled a lawsuit

A woman at Microsoft filed a case against Microsoft, claiming that the female works generally get sexually harassed by their male bosses and managers. The worker is working with the technical team, filed a lawsuit against the company under 238 internal complaints about gender discrimination and sexual harassment from 2010 – 2016.

According to Reuters report, the figures were revealed and the lawsuit was originally filled in 2015. The case was like Moussouris v. Microsoft. The worker blamed that company’s internal rating systems always been discriminative with the female workers and for offering better ratings, the male bosses harass the female employee. This action is highly non-professional.

However, by denying the blames, Microsoft has submitted the years of data to a lawyer. Michael Subit, lawyer of lawsuits filler claimed that “Microsoft’s Culture is Rife with Sexual Harassment”.

He said the company’s data can prove that women are harassed sexually by their bosses. Several times women complained about it, but the assaulters remain unpunished. The records have about 108 complains about sexual harassment and 119 cases of gender discrimination. Additionally, he found eight complains are of retaliation.

However, the company has denied these figures and claimed that within internal investigation they found just a complaining claiming the sexual harassment.

Employee-Initiated reduction in-time (ERIT) program said there is not any violation of the rule in the Microsoft. For instance, four female workers have filed a separate complaint against sexual harassment in the company, but the ERIT has not found any dishonor of rules in the company.

The ERIT team has headquarters in Redmond, has no guideline or fix procedure to investigate complaints.
Earlier, in December 2017, the tech giant said that they would end and find a conclusion on the sexual harassment cases that are appeared. But, the company has not found a solution and a new case has been raised now.

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