Facebook’s data controversy – Mark Zuckerberg has isolated himself in tech

Facebook’s data controversy

Facebook is facing a lot of criticism after the scandal of Cambridge Analytica came out. CEOs of many tech giants such as Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Marc Benioff criticized the social media giant. These are some of the iconic people having a lot of followers. Their criticism made the CEO of Facebook is answerable to the billions of users. The scandal brought down the image of the social media giant. Now, the company is struggling to recover the image of the company and regain users trust.

The Cambridge Analytica is the political consulting firm, that received the data of 50 million users during the election campaign of President Trump. Facebook found guilty regarding the abduction of data. It is not the first company who found guilty and faced the criticism, earlier, Apple faced for the encryption of iPhone. Yet, the Apple’s CEO demanded the stronger rules and regulation for the privacy of user data.

As a result of the scandal, Facebook’s share has dropped by 16 percent. Many users started the movement with the name of #DeleteFacebook. Many famous companies like Playboy, Tesla, and SpaceX along with people like Brian Acton – WhatsApp co-founder –joined and promoted the movement. Additionally, the biggest rival of the company – Snapchat – created the sarcastic filter on the April Fool’s day.

Marc Benioff the CEO of Salesforce said that the government must impose strict regulations on the Facebook. it should be treated like the illegal tobacco company as the social media is the great addition for the young generation like the cigarettes.

Nevertheless, the other rivals like Twitter and Microsoft didn’t comment on the controversy.

The social media companies have control over the user’s data, they provide the much of the user information to the advertisement companies. However, some of the companies don’t rely on the user data for the advertising purposes.

Due to this criticism, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has isolated himself into tech and trying to develop something better and more trustworthy. He will struggle to regain the trust and popularity in upcoming days.


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