What is a botnet?

The word Botnet is derived from the words “robot” (robot) and “network” (network). Cybercriminals use special Trojan programs to bypass the computer security system, gain control over them and combine them into a single network (botnet), which can be controlled remotely.

What you need to know about botnets

Cybercriminals often seek to infect with malware and take control of thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of computers and thus freely manage a large zombie network. Such networks can be used to carry out Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, large-scale spam campaigns and other types of cyber attacks.

In some cases, cybercriminals create a large network of zombie computers, and then sell access to this zombie network to other criminals or rent it out. Spammers rent or purchase such networks to conduct large-scale spam distribution campaigns.