Mobdro Apk V1.2.446 Download Free for Android Device Full Version

Mobdro App is one of the Best Apps you can get to stream online Videos for Free. Mobdro will lighten up your Mind and refresh the Goodness of entertainment. This is the Most Addictive App you can say for your Android Device. Mobdro App provides a various stunning and Amazing videos to Watch on your Android Smartphones. The user interface of this App is also very easy to get used to. Check steps to download Mobdro Apk v1.2.446 for Android devices below.

Use your Android Device as a TV and enjoy the endless entertainment on Mobdro App. You don’t have to go to the theater and Spend Money. Now you can watch whatever you want in your own smartphone. Don’t waste your Time and Money and get the Mobdro App now.

Mobdro App will entertain you in Number of different categories like Sports, Music Videos, TV shows, tech Videos, funny Videos, documentary and famous Channels from worldwide. Having a Mobdro app lets you watch HD Videos continuously. Mobdro is fast and saves your streaming time of videos and watch Videos and switch your videos in a very fast manner.

How to Download Mobdro Apk v1.2.446 on your Android Devices:

Mobdro Apk V1.2.446

well, Most of the Android Apps are Available on Google Play Store but Mobdro is not available on Google Play Store because Google has not yet Developed the Direct Installation Procedure for Mobdro App. Don’t worry Google will soon develop Mobdro for Direct Installation Procedure and then you will be able to install Mobdro on Google Play Store.

So you will have to Download the Apk file of Mobdro to install it on your Smartphones. But we will talk about this later.

Mobdro Premium Version:

Mobdro App also has a Premium Version which is available at 2.99 € for a whole year Subscription. You can get the Premium version within the Non- Premium Version of the App. So first you need to get the normal Mobdro App.

Mobdro Apk V1.2.446 Premium Version Features:

  1. The Premium Version of Mobdro comes with Ad Free. Now you won’t get disturbed by the Ad floating around the screen while you’re using Mobdro App or Watching Videos. You will get the Premium Experience.
  2. What would you if you have no internet connection? Mobdro Premium Version has a new Download feature where you can download a bunch of HD videos on your SD Card so that you can watch it later when you are offline or have no internet Connection.
  3. Now watch all HD Videos that you stream on your TV. Have the Experience of Premium of Mobdro on a Bigger Screen using Chrome Cast. (You will need to buy Google Chrome Cast in order to use this Feature)
  4. Now don’t worry if you fall Asleep and forgot to turn off the Mobdro App. With the Premium version you will get the Sleep Timer feature to Tuen off the App Automatically, just set the time when you would want to turn off the App.

Switch to Premium version to get the Best of Mobdro App. Premium version is Convenient and Beautiful.

Other Features like Cloud Sharing Integration & Live Events Streaming are coming soon on this App so stay tuned for the updates.

Mobdro V1.2.446 is a Full Power Pack Tool of Streaming Videos:

Discover any Videos that you Desire to watch as Finding Videos on this App is super easy and also Different Languages are Available in this App.

Organize your Videos in Topic wise, Stream Wise and Time Wise. Bookmark your Channels to easily reach it for next time you open Mobdro App.

Share your Videos and Recommend it to your Friends with just one Sharing button. You can share your stream videos on Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook,  Twitter etc.

Steps to Download Mobdro Apk v1.2.446 on your Android Smartphones:

Since Mobdro is not available on Google Play Store. You will have to download the Apk file of Mobdro App from Apk downloading sites.

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘ (This steps may vary cuz different version and Device have different type of settings but you have to make sure to Turn on Unknown Sources )
  2. Open the browser and Go to “Mobdro Apk Download” and download the Mobdro Apk v1.2.446 file from any website.
  3. After Downloading the Apk file, install the Apk from Downloaded path
  4. Wait for 2-3 minutes and there you go, You can watch Movies and Videos endlessly.
  5. Now you can use Mobdro app on your smartphone, Mobdro app doesn’t require any signup or login details to use.



There is the latest Version of Mobdro. Download Mobdro Apk V1.2.446 to get the latest feature. Mobdro App works on Android version 2.0 and Above. Mobdro App lets you watch almost every videos and channel that is available in a World. Mobdro does not cause any buffering Problem as Buffering time is minimal even on low signal strength. At Higher speed, you watch any Video in HD. Download Mobdro App 2015 and start streaming on your Android Smartphones.

Terrarium TV App Download on Android to Watch and Stream TV Shows

Terrarium is an application that let you watch, stream and download TV shows and movies anytime you want. It helps you to watch your favorite TV shows even if you missed your daily routine of your TV shows on your television to watch it. It requires no State boundaries to watch. You can still watch your favorite TV shows and movies whether you are traveling to other States or Countries. You only need to have an active data connection to access Terrarium TV application on your device. Here I will discuss more Terrarium TV app and how to download it in my article today.

If you are going to have it on your device, there are some requirements for it to get downloaded. Though it is an Android app, you need to have version 4 and up version of the Android device to download it and watch any TV shows that you desire. It also needs MX player app, as it is the most powerful video player app for your Android device, to run the downloaded TV shows using Terrarium TV app. below I will discuss how to download Terrarium TV App on your device, keep reading my article.

Before we move further, let me help you with some more details of Terrarium TV app and its features. It has such awesome and unique features that are quite impressive and user-friendly. Down below I have shared some impressive features of this app, scroll down and enjoy reading.

Impressive Features of Terrarium TV App:

Terrarium TV App

It is very important to know about its features to understand how it works and what facility you are getting by using it. Followings are some important features that I think you should need to know before downloading the app. So, I have mentioned the features of Terrarium TV app in details down below. Please scroll down and read it carefully.

  • HD Video: Terrarium TV app provides you full HD quality video of any TV shows and movies you download to watch.
  • Free Streaming and Downloading: It is absolutely free streaming and downloading TV shows on your device using Terrarium TV app. It requires no extra amount to be paid, but it charges only some data from your active internet connection.
  • Watch Offline: You can also watch your favorite TV shows and movies by downloading them to your device even if you are in offline mode.
  • Multi-Language: Terrarium TV app provides you all the TV shows and movies in multi-languages. You can now watch any of your favorite TV shows in any language you wish for.
  • Easy Interface: Terrarium TV app offers you very easy interface to use. There is nothing will interrupt you while you are using this app.
  • Bookmark: You can bookmark any of your favorite TV shows and movies so that you don’t need to search for it every time you use Terrarium TV app. You can access directly to any of your favorite TV shows using bookmark feature.
  • Genre Selection: Terrarium arranged all the TV shows in genre vise, so you don’t have to find any difficulty searching your favorite TV shows over and over.

So these are the features that Terrarium TV app contains which are very interesting and make the app easy to use. Now let me help you with how to download Terrarium TV app on your Android device.

How to Download Terrarium TV App on Android Device?

Before I start discussing how to download it on your Android device, let me help you with some important matter that you need to know. Terrarium TV app is not available in Google Play Store. Thus, you need to download it from the third party site available in the market. But the sites must be safe, and it should not harm your device in any way. So, here are some third party sites I will suggest to download it from, they are, askpolice, apkmirror, Mobango, 9apps, and uptodown, etc.

Down below I have mentioned some steps to download Terrarium TV app on your Android device, please read it carefully and follow the steps.

Step 1: As you know it is the third party app; you need to change your phone setting. Before downloading you need to go to Settings> Security > Unknown Sources.

download Terrarium TV app

Step 2: Now go to any third party site that I have mentioned above and downloaded it on your device.

Step 3: After completing the downloading, you can now go to file manager and search for Terrarium APK file and click to open it.

Step 4: After opening the Terrarium APK file tap on the install option and follow the instruction given on the screen.

Step 5: Now wait for the installation to finish on your device.

Step 6: After the installation gets completed, you can now open the Terrarium TV app and enjoy watching, streaming and downloading any of your favorite TV shows and movies for free.

These are the easy 6 steps to download and install Terrarium TV app on your device. Follow these easy steps and successfully download it on your Android device.

So, I have mentioned about the features and how to download Terrarium TV app on your device without any interruption. A terrarium is very easy to download, and it is the best app for you to watch and stream TV shows online and offline as well. I think I could able to help you regarding downloading Terrarium TV app. If you like, my article you can comment on the comment box below and you can also share this article and help you, friend, as well. Take care and have fun using Terrarium TV app.

Mobdro For PC Windows (10/8.1/7) Download Free | Watch Movies Online

Mobdro For PC: Mobdro is a video streaming application just like other similar applications such as Hotstar, Moviebox applications that are available in the market. This app is said to be an online TV. Using this application, we can watch various TV shows and movies by streaming them online at free of cost. You can also download the videos through the download option and watch them offline. This app is available for Android mobile devices as of now.

In this app, you can find the movies in various languages which you can stream online. This allows you to watch videos or movies via various other streaming sites such as Dailymotion, YouTube etc. This is the awesome application with a good number of features. Now you can watch TV shows right from your smartphone without any problem. Similar to Showbox but featuring different channel stream options make Mobdro one of the best indeed. The app has a unique user interface and its free of bugs. You can also learn how to download Mobdro for MAC OS X, it might be little helpful as there no resourceful streaming apps for Mac desktop.

How to Download Mobdro for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10 Using Bluestacks?

Mobdro for PC Download

Though the application is available only for the Android devices officially, you can also install this application on your PC or laptop via the Android emulator such as Bluestacks or other similar applications. The app is free to download without any charge. You can easily download this application for your PC with the help of our simple procedure given below i.e., via Bluestacks.

This application is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and also for Mac OS. It has lots of other features or characteristics that are given below. So, have a look at those features and if you love the app you can download it today for your PC following the below given steps. The process that we have given here is only for installing the Mobdro for PC and not for other devices. So, make a note of this and do accordingly.

Interesting Features of the Mobdro for PC Windows:

So before downloading the Mobdro app for your Laptop and Desktop PC. You can start reading the app features and know more about it before hand.

  • Watch any type of video on any topic that is present in this application or via this application.
  • Everything in this app is filtered as well as they can be bookmarked as per your choice.
  • There is also the download option available in the app through which you can download the videos and watch them offline.
  • There is a share option in this app, through which you can recommend the content or videos to your friends
  • Ads have been removed from this app if you can switch to a premium version of the app.
  • There are no boundaries for varieties of media like Games, Sports, Movies, Video Songs, Documentaries and lots more.
  • Through chrome cast support, you can watch the videos on the big screen.

Steps to Download Mobdro For PC Windows 7/8.1/10 Using Bluestacks Android Emulator:


Step-1: At first start download and install the Android emulator Bluestack from the official website for PC
Step-2: Once the installation of Bluestacks is successful, you can download the Mobdro APK file from the official website with the latest version that is compatible with your OS of the PC
Step-3: Now open the Mobdro apk that you have downloaded for the PC using the Bluestacks and click it to start installing
Step-4: Once the Apk is installed, you can open it from the “All Tabs” section of the Bluestacks main menu and start using it
Have a great time, enjoying the latest movies and TV shows on this Mobdro application from time to time.


Thank you guys for reading our bestowed guide about Mobdro For PC, which you can read in the above steps. Well, all you have to do is to download Mobdro and start streaming your loved shows and channels anytime. This app has been of real great value to me indeed and I use it every day to stream tons of new and old TV channels and pitch different shows anytime I like. So, the app is really good to use and you can start using it right now.

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android Device 2017

Music is everyone’s favorite and loves to listen whenever you feel bored or tired of scheduled works. Listening to music, on the other hand, rejuvenates your mind too. No doubt, everyone has got Android phones or other devices where a number of your favorite music has been stored. Many of you must have faced difficulty while transferring music from one phone to another or from PC to Phone. So, in order to clear your troubles, recommendation to download the music directly from the internet on your device. There are numerous Music Download Apps for Android where you can easily download your favorite music on your Android.

Music download apps for Android is available in the Google Play store that let you download music for free. In the past days, people used to download music in the computer and later transfers them to the phone. Isn’t that waste of time and money? But now, Technology has become so advanced that it makes it easier and accessible for everyone to do things easily and effortlessly. You can download music free from the internet directly. As there are many music download apps that allow you search for songs and download on your device. Likewise, in the following, you will find the best music download apps for Android you must have.

Must Have Best Free Music Download Apps For Android:

Free Music Download Apps For Android

MP3 Music Download Pro:

This is a free music download app that let you search for your favorite songs for download directly from a free public search engine. This app allows you to download three songs a the same time and you can also set the songs you like as the ringtone. Although downloading this app and music is free yet, you will require an internet connection to get access.

Music Maniac MP3 Downloader:

Music Maniac is one of the best-downloaded apps and popular for music download app for Android. This app allows you to download free music and allows to search for your favorite MP3 music through the public search engine. It also allows you to listen to the songs you like. This just an amazing app.

Google Play Music:

This music app is popular and common and one of the great music player for Androids. It has a vast number of catalog and excellent features that have become a major music player for the mobile industry. This app has an option to buy a subscription but it also allows to download free MP3 free music and albums without a subscription.

MP3 Music Downloader:

This is a free app for music download for Android that allows you to download free and legal music from this sites. It not only allows you to download free music but also allows you to listen to the songs as well as read the lyrics.

These are some of the free music download apps for Android that you must have it on your Android. There is countless app available in the store for you to download your favorite songs but some of them may charge you for the downloads. And with a free music download an app for Android, you can search a number of songs directly from a public engine and download it for free and can store it on your device so that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere.

VDownloader Download Free for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Latest Version

VDownloader is one of the most complex platforms to download your favorite videos from the most popular social sites like Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Yahoo, and Youtube. Normally, downloading any high profile video takes lots of time but with VDownload you will easily able to download any amount of video in due time.

The VDownloader App has amazing downloading speed which can save much of your time and data as well. So, this app will enable you to download as much video as you want on your PC now.So, you can easily watch the downloaded video on your PC when you are offline. If you are looking for the best video downloading app for your PC, then VDownloader can be the best option for you now. This app will give you your desired videos in a click of your mouse, and it will directly get saved on the hard drive of your PC.

How to Download VDownloader App on Your PC Windows?

VDownloader Download for PC

To use VDownloader app is very easy and flexible on your PC because you don’t need to take the trouble, searching for the best video. The app has a beautiful interface that let you paste the URL of your favorite video in the interface and then click download. So, VDownloader gives you amazing downloading with high accuracy and efficiency beyond comparison.

One of the best things about VDownloader is that it doesn’t have any annoying captions and adds which create destruction and irritation while downloading.

Features of VDownloader App:

  • The search tool helps you to search the videos about any topic you like, which is built-in within the app.
  • It enables you to download any files in its original format.
  • The app can be used with any video sharing website by entering the video URL.
  • You can download up to ten videos at a time with the same speed and accuracy.
  • We can share the downloaded video to other devices like iPod, iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry, by converting the video format.
  • You can also set the maximum speed for downloading files.
  • The new feature added to the app is the MegaVideo integration which sounds quite interesting.
  • It supports different formats for saving the downloaded video, such as MPG, IPOD/IPHONE, NOKIA N8x0, SVCD, DVD, VCD, MP3, AVI, etc.
  • It is a lightweight application, and there are various ways to search your favorite videos.
  • You can now update unspecified videos and enhance the video quality by fixing all bugs.

So, I hope that you liked some of the best stunning features of VDownload app which you get in a package. However, if you feel like downloading this Video Downloader app then go with the downloading procedures mention in the following section of this article.

Steps to Download VDowloader for PC Windows?

There are nothing hard steps involved in the downloading of VDownloader app. You can easily download the app on your PC by following some of the simple steps below:

Step1: First of all open your web browser of your PC.

Step2: You will find a search bar at the top of the page.

Step3: Now, type “VDownloader app for PC” and hit “Enter”.

Step4: You will now see many results appearing as a search result in your Googles web hosting page.

Step5: Search for the official website of the app now.

Step6: After you find the official website just open it and you will find a “Download” button.

Step7: You will also find many pieces of information about the app on the official page.

Step8: If you don’t find any official page you can also visit other relevant posts of VDownloader app for PC where hopefully you will find the downloading option.

Step9: You can now download the VDownloader app from the official website by hitting the “Download” button.

Step10: By now the app will be readily available as an icon in your Computers interface, and you can access easily to the app.


So, finally your downloading gets completed, and you can easily access to the VDownloader app on your PC and start downloading your best videos. However, you can download many HD quality videos from some popular social site, within few clicks of your mouse. So finally, your desired video is on the hard drive of your PC now.

iOS Users Need Not to Worry, Mobdro App is Now For You Too!!

Mobdro App: Wondered any time what brought you frustration sometimes? In today’s world, you hardly find a person who is not a tech-savvy guy. All and every individual hunts down the internet for some hint on any cool gadget launching in the market. There are still some geeks creeping the internet for super cool apps, who are tired of using the conventional apps having the same features and updating barely anything on the app. Now the frustration is over because Mobdro comes into the picture, the godfather for the techies. The Mobdro which was for Android is now the Mobdro for iOS users.

Mobdro is a live-video-streaming app that searches the internet all over to provide you the best, trending and the free videos on the internet in your mobile screens. This means you don’t have to switch to the conventional method of watching the TV ever again. Is this an advantage or not? Of course, it is an advantage for the TV geeks- you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite channels and the favorite shows just because you were out somewhere onto something very important. In the beginning, you had wished for a portable TV. But what if you got to watch the same channel and the same show right in your mobile screen? Yes, you read it right, right from your mobile screen. The Mobdro allows you to watch your favorite channels and the shows on it, the trending videos on Social Media and the free videos.

Mobdro for iOS – You Need to Know Everything!!

Mobdro for iOS

Imagine the conventional problems you would have faced like hitting the TV for signal thinking there was some manufacturing defect or cord-cutting the cable from the antenna to the TV. Imagine the toil you took to recharge your set-top box on a regular plan. If your TV by some bad coincidence went out of order then you could imagine the face and the expression you would keep all time. An extra plug point would have been used for TV. The list of inconvenience goes on and on with the conventional methods. But thanks to the Mobdro app that brings in itself the live feature to watch live shows on your mobiles now.

Earlier when the app had been launched, it was designed only for the Android Smartphone but now the iOS version is launched for the iPhone users and for all iOS operating system devices now. An app like never before comes among the top trending and the downloading apps on the internet. The iOS version of the Mobdro app proves to be very user-friendly that would leave the user immersed in the app for the whole day or until the battery drains off. An exclusive and an optimum use of the app could prove to be a very big beneficiary to you in many ways.

What Makes us Unique:

  • Mobdro provides an excellent user-friendly environment which gives the user no annoyance having a great experience with the app. Its features and the controls with the sounds are of great friendliness to the user.
  • The Mobdro uses a complex search algorithm in creeping down the best videos and the live streaming channels all the time in your mobile screens and to provide you the best user experience.
  • As far as the memory space is considered, there is going to be no issues with the app as the app squeezes itself in the memory with as less space as possible.
  • The timer-setting facilities are into the special features of the app. When you are drowsy and want to listen to music or watch some video for a time, you could go to the timer setting option and set it for the required time it should be played and get off automatically once done. This feature you definitely shouldn’t have seen elsewhere.
  • Videos on the app can be changed to different video qualities according to your internet connection. You could also make your screen bigger or smaller according to your convenience.
  • There is no annoyance of the ads when you are in the middle of something really important in the premium versions.

The Mobdro, which was once only for the Android is now the Mobdro for iPad and iOS users. For the iOS users, the app comes with the name MovieTime or MovieBox. The premium version for the iOS users is at a small one-time cost of $0.99. You may need to try this app right now. Grab your iOS now and download the Mobdro for iOS.

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working Error, Network & Connection Error?

Mobdro Not Working: Mobdro is one of the best movie streaming sites that comes with many advantageous features. If you want to watch some free movies, then Mobdro is the best app for you. Not only movies but you will also find New, Sports, Entertainments, TV shows, Music and much more. So, you are getting everything in a single package which is much advantageous.

However, while using Mobdro app, you might get corrupt with some kinds of error. The error may appear on the screen as Mobdro not working and much more. So, It is necessary that you fix the problem of Mobdro not working, but how? Well, If you ever face this problem you can easily fix it on your own. In this post, I will tell you how to fix Mobdro not working issue on your Android devices? So, if you are interested in knowing how to fix this problem then just read this entire review.

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working Issue on Your Android Device?

Mobdro Not Working

The Mobdro is a free movie streaming sites, and it has a vast content of programs due to which sometimes it shows up as Mobdro not working. As many people are online streaming to this site, it might cause too much trafficking that alarms the convenience of the site. Apart from that, there are many more issues that might cause problems in the smooth functioning of Mobdro app.

Some of the common reasons for Mobdro not working may be the slow internet speed which is lower than 2MBPS. So, it is necessary to check your internet connection when you are going to stream Mobdro. This app requires good internet speed to run avoiding any kinds of error in your Android device.

Sometimes, the error might occur due to the versions of Android device that you use which is below 4.1. For experiencing the better performance of the Mobdro, your device must be above Android 4.1 as this app runs conveniently in those devices only.

Steps to Fix Mobdro not working or Connection Errors on your Computer:

If you are facing the problems of Mobdro not working or connection error on your Windows computer then you can follow the steps provided below to fix it. You have to first of all download and install the Nox App Player on your computer or mobile successfully. For downloading Nox file on your computer follow the steps:

  • Open your device web browser and type “Nox app player.”
  • Now start searching the app in Google and wait for the result to appear on your screen.
  • Now find the relevant site where the downloading link of the Nox app is provided.
  • Easily download the app on your PC and install it.
  • Now launch the Nox app player from your Windows Computer and download the Mobdro app via this app.
  • You will get the Apk file option where you have to click and select the Mobdro app.
  • The Mobdro app will automatically get installed on the Nox app player now in Apk format.
  • You can now click on the home icon of Nox app player where you will find the installed Mobdro app.
  • Click on the Mobdro app, and you will find multiple channels, movies, sports, news, gaming and much more.
  • Select any of the categories to stream online.


This is the best way to fix the Mobdro not working or connection error that shows up on your computer screen. I hope that by now, you are made aware with how to fix this critical issue which sometimes spoils your good mood. Now, enjoy streaming unlimited movies, TV shows, news and much more in Mobdro by fixing the problems using Nox App Player.

Mobdro for iOS Download – Best Alternatives for iPhone/iPad

Mobdro App: There are times when you don’t have anything to kill your time. There are many such situations like traveling in distant places alone might make you bore. It might happen that after a hard day work, you need some refreshing environment. So, entertainment is the best medium to get away from tension and stress. So, there are many movie streaming apps available on the internet now that you can use on your Android and iOS devices. Check steps to download Mobdro for iOS device below.

Mobdro is a free movie streaming site that allows users to enjoy online movies, TV shows, News, etc. It is the best app that can give you best features and quality interface which will keep you lively. This movie streaming app gives a full HD quality picture on your Android devices. There are various features that you can enjoy in Mobdro app which I will be mentioning shortly in this post. If you want to know more about Mobdro for iPhone, then keep reading ahead of this post.

Mobdro for iOS Features:


Mobdro is the best apps for movie streaming and it is very flexible to use as well. You must know the features of Mobdro before you use this app on your respective devices. There are various movies streaming app for iOS, but I will discuss with you the best feature of Mobdro in this post. Below mention are some of the best features of Mobdro for iOS:

  • You can instantly watch your favorite movies selecting the best one according to your preference.
  • The app keeps updating frequently, and you will find the latest and updated collections of movies.
  • You can bookmark the page you like and organize it later categorizing them regarding topics and languages.
  • The movies are distributed and listed according to genres such as action, comedy, adventure, romance, documentary, horror, Sci-Fi and much more. Select any category of movie and click to watch it online.
  • You will find a vast collection of best TV channels where news, entertainment, live shows are collectively found. So, you can watch your favorite TV channels and watch your best series and live shows easily.
  • The app also features sharing of your favorite videos with families and friends via some social sites like Facebook, etc. So, you can spread awareness among your friends by sharing worth videos instantly.
  • You can connect Mobdro via ChromeCast to your Smart TV for enjoying the app in a bigger picture with good resolution.
  • The app also led you to download your favorite movies from the premium version of the app. So, you can visit the premium version where all the suggested movies for download will be listed. Select some of your favorite and click the download for watching later offline.

Mobdro for iOS {iPhone and iPad} Download:

Mobdro is no doubt Mobdro is one of the best movies and TV shows streaming app. However, Mobdro is only made available for Android devices, and iOS devices will need some other alternatives. So, I will give you lists of best alternatives of Mobdro app that you can use on your iOS device like iPhone and iPad.

Mobdro for iOS Download

1.Megabox HD:

Megabox HD is one of the best movie streaming sites for iOS users which have many good features. In this app, you will find new movies and TV series updated daily. Megabox HD provides a vast collection of movies which are distributed according to genres. You will find movies are rated according to their quality and popularity. Downloading your favorite movies and TV shows is absolutely easy with this app. You can enjoy a full HD quality picture with 360p, 720p or 1080p which also depends on your devices. You can stream your favorite videos and movies on a bigger screen via ChromeCast.


Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps available for iPhone and iPad. This app allows you to enjoy vast genres and character of movies. Multiple sections of TV series are found according to season and episodes. You can easily watch your favorite movies selecting the genres. The app is almost similar to Mobdro in functions, and you can use this now on your iPhone and iPad easily. Showbox also allows users to download movies and TV show with standard and premium picture quality. This app is very flexible to use on iOS devices which can be the best alternatives of Mobdro app.


Viewster is a flexible app that allows you watch movies, anime and TV shows easily on your iOS devices. For using Viewster, you don’t need to any sign-up rather, you get the growing selection of HD Anime here. There are many TV channels and videos included from all over the world. So, collectively this app provides you with the latest updated contents that you can enjoy on your iPhone device. The app contains documentaries, sci-fi movies, gaming series and anime shows which you will like watching too. You can add series and videos to watch it later on your device and downloading of contents is also possible.

4. Popcornflix:

This app is one of the best alternatives of Mobdro that you can use in iOS devices. The app has vast contents of updated movies and TV programs that are divided into different categories. There are different genres of movies such as Horror, action, thriller, fiction, animation, romance, adventure and much more. You can select any of the genres and feature your favorite movies within a click. The app provides full HD quality picture which is good seeing at for a long time.

5. Hotstar:

Hotstar is an amazing movie streaming app that gives you multi-entertainment sources. It is a package of movies, news and TV shows which are updated. This movie streaming app also contains numbers of videos which are uploaded daily. There are various categories of movies like that of Mobdro, and you can enjoy all the features on iOS devices now. Hotstar is one of the common movie streaming apps which you can use on Android and iOS devices.


Mobdro for iOS is not available, and you can use some of the above-mentioned alternatives. There are many movies streaming app for iOS, but in this post, I have suggested few of them. You can download any of the recommended apps on you iPhone and iPad. Thus, enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows now instantly on your iOS devices.

Mobdro App Alternatives | Best Similar Apps Like Mobdro 2017

Apps Like Showbox: Mobdro App is an amazing App that allows us to stream movies, videos and TV series for free. It is a mobile based application that is developed on Android platform. There are many features provided by Mobdro App which will let us download and stream any video from around the world. Unfortunately, the IOS user can’t get this App on their iPhone or iPad mobiles. Check Mobdro App Alternatives below.

As it is not yet developed for iOS platform, this user can’t download or install Mobdro App. So we have got some better alternatives of Mobdro App for iOS devices, which will give the same interface. Find the best alternative from the below given one and download it to your iOS device.

Well very much we like Mobdro app makes us feel of what would happen if the app shuts down anytime so, we are going to list out some excellent alternatives for Mobdro streaming service for you guys.

Mobdro App Alternatives & Features:

It is a very famous application for streaming and watching movies, videos, music, TV shows, sports and much more. It has come with very interesting features.

  • It helps you in streaming movies, videos, and music
  • It is a very friendly App which is very easy to use
  • You can download movies and videos in HD quality
  • You can also share the video sharing option will be present
  • Here you can download any kind of video and store in your device
  • It allows you to stream movies in different genres
  • Sleep timer is also available in this app
  • You can even take screenshots while watching movies

Mobdro App Alternative – iPhone/iPad IOS  device:

There are very few Apps that can be selected as a best Mobdro App Alternatives. These alternative apps will give the same features and tools that this app provides.

  1. Showbox App:

This is first alternative App for Mobdro, also most famous among the entire Apps found in iOS market. It let you stream videos, movies, TV series and cartoon series for free. The entire option here found will be free and can be easily understood. Also, download the desired video on one side and then stream a one at the same time.

  1. MovieBox App:

MovieBox App is an amazing entertainment App that is found in iOS platform for free. This App allows you to download and stream the video, movie and TV series full-length videos. Every video provided here by the App are few to stream and also to download. A better alternative for Mobdro is movie box App which also let you stream the video in HS quality. Make sure to get the best App that suits your device.

  1. Livestream App:

Here comes the best alternative for Mobdro App, which is little different from above shown one. This App has an extra feature which will let you stream the video in living. Any event or TV series telecasting in Life can be streamed directly to your device. Also, you can download the live videos by selecting the download option. Give a feedback by replying when the live event ends.

This is few best alternatives App for Mobdro for IOS. Make sure to select any best App for your IOS device until the developed version of Mobdro comes for IOS devices.

Megabox HD For PC(Windows 10/8.1/7) & Mac Computer/Laptops

Megabox HD for PC: Are you a movie freak like me? Do you love to stay updated with every new release? If your answer is yes, then Megabox is the perfect app for you. It is a free app which enables you to watch movies on PC. It is compatible to all of your gadgets. Whether it is android or Mac or iPhone, Megabox runs on it.

You can watch any movie or show you intend to watch. Not only you can watch online you can even download and watch later. It is your preference. Megabox has all the recently released movies as well. Hence, you will find all the new releases here. You can opt for any resolution you want. The best part is you do not require paying a single penny for this. Check steps to download Megabox HD for PC below.

How to Download Megabox HD for PC on Windows and Mac?

megabox hd for pc

So it caught your attention? Let us see how to get this app for your windows and Mac Device.

  1. To download Megabox HD for PC, there is a special requirement. You must have Emulator which is also called Bluestacks in technical terms. This is must if you want to use Megabox in Mac. Bluestacks support Microsoft Windows as well.
  2. After you download Bluestacks, open it. It might take a little more time to open. Do not worry about it.
  3. After Bluestacks is open, you will find an orange color toolbar. Type Moviebox there. It will help directly download from there.
  4. Once you see Megabox app, click on it. Wait for few seconds then it will start the installation.
  5. Once your app installation is finished, click on the Bluestacks. You will find your app there ready to be used

If in any case, Megabox is not getting downloaded by the above method, do not fret. There is another method listed below.

Download Megabox HD for PC on Windows & Mac – Method 2:

  1. Install “Bluestacks”. It is the most important component in either way. It is very much important if you want to download Megabox. Bluestacks helps to download all the android apps which are present in the phones on PC and Mac devices.
  2. After you are done downloading Bluestacks, you are ready to download Megabox Go to your browser and download apk for the app. Search for a proper apk. Go for the latest updated version or you will be required to update after installation, which will be wastage of data.
  3. The apk file is usually a small file and should be downloaded within minutes, depending on a speed of your internet connection. Once the apk is downloaded, open the folder in which you saved the apk file. Click on the “Megabox.apk”.
  4. Right click on “Megabox.apk” and run the file via Bluestacks. The file will run now with Bluestacks.
  5. The app will be installed now without any hindrance. It will take very little time for installation depending on your internet connection.
  6. Click on “All Apps”. You will find Megabox ready to use.
  7. Slight reminder. Whenever you want to access Megabox, run Bluestacks prior and then use Megabox.

This app is paradise for those who love watching movies. Few simple clicks will enable you to watch numerous movies. Still struggling to decide if this app is for you or not? Let’s go through some of its distinct features. I am sure after hearing about the features; you will not hesitate to download it.

Megabox HD for PC on Windows Features:

  1. It is a free app. You do not need to spend a single penny to use the amazing features of the app.
  2. This app does not require any sign in or sign up to use. You can use is as it is. So, it will not prompt you to sign in every time you open the app.
  3. You like to watch movies in HD quality then Moviebox is the perfect app for you. It provides you the option to watch movies in HD quality as well.
  4. You will ask if you pay to watch in HD. I will say no. Yes, no extra charges for streaming in HD. You can enjoy HD quality for free.
  5. The resolution choice is entirely yours. Whatever resolution you choose, you can play it.
  6. This is a very legal app to use. There is nothing illegal in this.
  7. You even get subtitles for every movie on the latest versions.
  8. The contents for Moviebox gets updated regularly and easily. So it is easy to keep up with it. Megabox-HD-for-PC-on-Windows-Features
  9. You can even add your favorite movies, TV shows etc. to the library. This helps you to re-watch your favorites whenever you want to watch.
  10. It has an excellent filter option. All the movies are listed under different categories. Different filters like Genre, year & Sort By to filter movies.
  11. Thus, giving you an opportunity to choose your movie without undergoing much hassle.
  12. You can use this app for any of you gadgets. Also, you do not require to jailbreak your device.
  13. In addition to movies and sitcoms, you can even watch cartoons. Now, everybody has a little child hidden in oneself.
  14. You can relive your childhood by streaming your favorite cartoons from the list. Also, the little ones at your home can feel the pleasure of watching cartoon any time without any time bound.
  15. Megabox has a very friendly interface, hence, making it user-friendly and easy to use. Easy interface makes it easy to navigate between pages.
  16. The added advantage of Megabox is that it is available for Chromecast, so you don’t have to train your eyes to your small phone screen


Megabox is gaining a lot of attention. Everybody is loving the way Megabox HD App is working for them. They are really satisfied with the services that Megabox is providing. Megabox has gained the trust of many in the very short period of time. Hence, making it a desirable app to own. Every movie lover should have this app to stay updated. Download this app and start you blissful and adventurous journey to the movieland. This app is must have in your gadget.