Twitter is working to offer a feature alike Snapchat

Twitter is working to offer a feature alike Snapchat

Recently, we heard the rumor that Twitter is working to add the feature similar to the Snapchat’s video feature. Earlier, this year, rumors concluded that Twitter was working to develop sharing videos. If they add the feature it seems like, the Facebook is not only the competitor to the Snapchat. Twitter will be in a direct race with the Snapchat to capture the market.

The spokesperson of the company declined to comment on this henceforth, the feature is still unclear. The ‘camera first feature’ is designed to boost the users to share a huge number of the media such as video and images. Twitter actively share some important news too.

The Camera-centric feature of Twitter can be work as the Snapchat’s snap collections based on locations. This feature will combine videos and photos, will combine them with twitter moments to create the information based on the event.

On snapchat, advertisers can reach to their clients through short videos and images. Introducing the same feature in Twitter will offer easy to reach to customers. Enabling this feature in another app like Twitter will increase competition of the Snapchat.

Twitter is already a giant in the social media. They are trying to offer many features like video. The sources who claimed that they are working on the feature they said that the feature is almost completed and they will roll out very soon.

Twitter has been focused on the video feature since past few years. The social site has hosted the live sports streaming and much local news as well. If the company is working on offering such a feature, one day they will clear it and roll out an update.

Twitter is present in the market since, 12 years. They have faced many ups and downs, also some struggled to get attention from users at the start. After a decade, the company said they had a profitable year. However, for many people, Twitter is still hard to handle as it is a micro-blogging platform and a little hard than Instagram and Facebook.


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