Temporarily Hearing From One Ear Has Been A Tough Challenge For This Person

    Temporarily Hearing From One Ear

    Orland Purcell, Au. D., CCC-A shares, a friend of mine, was twice detected with flu that was found all around which turned out to an ear infection breaking up the eardrum. For him, it has been a tough journey to get hold of it and thinking about the people with permanent hearing loss, how could they survive with this deficiency.

    More to share about him, although there involved many more problem out of which two were the main problems. The first problem was; it has been very difficult to recognize sound in the noisy environment. Though he could hear the sound playing around but unable to identify the same, meaning which sound is coming from where. Moreover, the complication in comprehending conversation between two people standing at a certain distance. The funniest part was responding to the questions that were never asked, getting back weird looks from the opposite people.

    The second issue was locating the sound, though he knew he used to keep his cell phone on the left side of his office desk, but whenever the cell phone rang the sound that traveled felt as if it was coming from the right side of the desk. Initially, when this problem started, many of the calls were being missed out as he was unable to hear the ringing sound even though the phone was at the right place. More to say, while having lunch after church, turning up with your right ear towards the table as well whenever communicating with his wife he would make sure she sat on his right side.

    The biggest challenge was communicating on the phone, wherein you really realize how important the binaural hearing is when you are talking at a distance. Additionally, the biggest surprise was asking people to repeat more than normally required, which was tiring and most of the time mentally exhausting situation.

    As per the studies, we have been noticing people those who have a hearing problem tend to step back from any activities related to group thereby feeling depressed, annoyed and irritating. Unfortunately, this issue never affected him as he knew his problem was temporary. Currently the left ear has been creating a slight distort but still, he is getting the hearing problem resolved. In fact, there were many situations where even he felt irritated and depressed, also stopped attending group events perhaps.

    As per his experience, he would like to share is hearing from one ear is better than having the hearing aid issue. But even, this can be irritating and frustrating at a certain point. Hence a hearing aid for each ear is preferable to come back to the mainstream. An Audio Acoustics, owned by Orland Purcell, Au. D., CCC-A, a full-service hearing center which has been in business since 1975, along with Ginger Peugh an associate. They have been offering diagnostic audiology, industrial hearing conversation and a variety of hearing aids. Basically located at 2101 North Midland Drive, Suite Four.

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